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Do you need a new air conditioning system?

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Air Conditioning Installation & Replacement

Do you need a new air conditioner?

The older your air conditioning system gets, the less efficient it becomes capable of operating. As time goes on, your utility bills will get higher and higher, and the hottest days of the year will become even more uncomfortable.

By installing a brand new air conditioning system, you can rest easy with lower energy bills and maximized indoor comfort, day and night – even when temperatures reach the extremes.

What type of AC system is right for your home or business?

Considering the huge number of HVAC system options out there, choosing the right air conditioner can seem like a daunting task. There are tons of manufacturers and all of them make many different models.

This is where we come in. Our knowledgeable team will help you determine which make and model is best for your unique situation. We’ll assist you in navigating SEER ratings, the wide variety of brands, and the different systems available, such as forced air, mini splits, heat pumps, and central air systems.

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Mini-Split Air Conditioning Systems

  • Allows you to control the temperature by individual space or room
  • Two components: outdoor compressor/condenser and indoor air handling unit(s)
  • Quickly installed
  • Great for homes with non-ducted systems
  • Perfect for home additions that will not be connected to main duct system
  • Fits well with smaller, energy efficient homes that don’t require a large cooling system
  • No energy lost to duct systems, this helps lower energy bills

Heat Pumps

  • Energy efficient alternative to central air
  • Instead of generating cool or warm air on their own, heat pumps transfer heat from indoors to outside during the summer, and transfers heat from outside indoors during the winter
  • Can operate at as little as 1/4 the cost of a traditional heating and cooling system
  • High-efficiency heat pumps dehumidify better than traditional cooling systems, increasing indoor comfort during summer at a lower cost

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